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The college started the unit of YCMOU from 2007 ‘Dnyanganga Gharoghari’ is the mission statement of this university. Those who are deprived from education are getting the advantage of this unit This unit has Arts and Commerce faculty. The student of the unit is day by day increasing. This was the need of this area. Those who cannot attend the college regularly are taking the advantage of this unit.


Silent Feature of Center

1. Regular attendants is not necessary 2. Counseling classes are only in Sunday 3. Qualified and experience Teachers 4. No other fees except admission fees. 5. All study material without charging any fees. 6. No special examination fee 7. to continue your education while carrying your routine business.

Sr.No Name Desgination Contact Number
1 Dr. Rajeev Madhukarrao Sadan Incharge of The Center 9423131203
2 Prof. Shantrakshit Vishwasrao Gawande Co-Ordinator 9404851818
3 Shri. Suresh Kisanrao Ingale Assistant 8087602288
4 Shri. Amol Bhimrao Agham   9423654104

Counselors Staff



Sr.No Name Contact Number Qualification Subject
1 Prof. S. V. Gawnde 9404851818 M.A. (Mar.), NET,SET , B.Ed. D.J  
2 Prof.Dr.V.P. Kute 7709023676 M.A. (Eco.) Ph. D., M. Phil. Economics
3 Prof.P.H. Chavhan 7057821499 M.A. (Mar.),B. Ed. Marathi
4 Prof. M.C. Bansod 8698034378 M. A. Marathi B. Ed Marathi
5 Prof. S.B. Rathod. 9921838487 M. A. English English
6 Prof.P.Y. Misal 942366134 M. A. English B. Ed. English
7 Prof. G.S. Shirbhate. 9422115349 M.A. History M.A. Eco.B. Ed. Hist.& Eco
8 Prof. N.A. Bhagat 9423434408 M.A. History M. Phil. M.Ed. B.J. History
9 Prof. N.M. Yeotikar 9881872086 M.A. Economics M.A. History Hist.& Eco.
10 Prof.  N.D. Sonone 9766858974 M.A. Geography B. E.d. Geography
11 Prof. A.H. Salve 9049171700 M. A. Marathi B. Ed. Marathi
12 Prof. M.u. Arjune 8888754949 M. Com. M. Phil Commerce
13 Prof. Ku. U.B. Bhoyar 9158728424 M. Com. B. Ed. Commerce
14 Prof. N.S. Khanna 9423762458 M. Com. B. Ed. Commerce
15 Prof. F.P. Sahala 9422660735 M. Com. NET B. Ed. Commerce
16 Prof. G.G. Ravekar 9923814895 M. Com. B. Ed. Commerce
17 Prof. Ku. S.D. Wagare 9764337994 M. A. Economics B. Ed. Economics
18 Prof. P.N. Khade 9021088466 M. A. Sociology NET Sociology
19 Prof. S.W. Ingole 9175161656 M. A. Sociology Sociology
20 Prof. S.M. Neve 9423291766 M. A. Psychology Psychology
21 Prof. P.M. Bansod 7350612049 M.A. Political Science Pol.Sci.
22 Prof. R.R. Bavankar 9763982585 M.A. History History
23 Prof.  K.N. Khade 9890918557 M.A. Political Science Pol.Sci.
24 Prof. H.S. Tayade 9420120783 M.A. Marathi Marathi
25 Prof. P.S. Shirbhate 9921130688 M. Sc. (Math) BSC. Maths


This unit also take initiative in not only in their academic development but also in their all-round development. Student are motivated to participate in games, sports and cultural activities during the last five year is given below
1. Nilesh Mandade 2. Ankush Isotkar 3. Ku.. Tejaswini Shelke 4. Ku. Shital Ghawade 5. Ku. Pooja Khude 6. Ku. Anita Sahastrabuddhe 7. Swapnil Neware 8. Ashish Kambale

Year Date Student Participation Place Programs
2013-2014 25.10.2013 25 Amravati Selected 4 students in the Folk dance
  04 Amravati Selected 2 students in the Volleyball
  04 Nashik Central Youth Festival Folk Dance
  04 Nashik Central Sports Festival
2014-2015   46 Amravati Selected 27 students in the Group Song, Mime, Debate, Quiz , Mimicry, Bharatiy Sugam Gayan, Volleyball, Relay 4x100
  27 Nashik Selected 07 students Central Youth and Sports Festival
  07 Amravati Selected 6 students in Indradhanush Cultural Festival (mime)
  07 Aurangabad Selected 1 student  in Ashwamedh Sports Festival (Volleyball)
    09 Ner(p) First & Third Prize
    01 Yavatmal Second Prize