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“Knowledge itself is power"

       The appellation of the educational institution Nehru Arts, Commerce and Science College itself justifies the far-sighted vision of our first honourable, venerable and benevolent Prime Minister Panditji Nehru on the Indian education. The appellation, per se, demonstrates that we uphold and foster Nehru’s prescient and judicious vision which he delivered to the masses during his career as the Prime Minister of India.

                  Ever since the inception and establishment of the college under the aegis of The Nehru Education Society, Nerparsopant, we have endeavoured to effectuate not only the vision of Nehruji but also the aims and objects of the Management of the Nehru Education Society. And that’s why our college is open to all and sundry across the tehsil Nerparsopant, Dist.Yavatmal. While adhering to the apotheosis of Nehru’s dream, we feel proud to aver the college was accredited ‘B’ grade by the NAAC and we’ll endeavour to elevate the accreditation to “A” grade when the college welcomes the Peer Team in 2015-2016.

                  Albeit, Nehru Arts, Commerce and Science College is situated in an economically backward area of Yavatmal district, Maharashtra, and facing the underdeveloped infrastructure of the tehsil Nerparsopant, we have religiously and scrupulously adhered to and abided by the UGC and Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University guidelines and the suggestions offered by the Peer Team of the NAAC. We have also complied with the patriarchal counseling and recommendations of the Management of the Nehru Education Society to provide quantity higher education to the sons and daughters and wards of the stakeholders. Today with the benevolent and  generous financial assistance of the both UGC and the State Government through the Director of Higher Education Pune, Joint Director, Amravati and the guidelines of Sant Gadge Baba University Amravati, we provide quality higher education in the academic faculties such as arts, commerce, science, computer Science and even the programme of the post-graduation in Marathi.

                  Our college doesn’t lag behind in the fields of sports and games. A number of sporting stars on the university, state, and the national and International levels have emerged from the campus of this college. The college has acquired the academic effervescence and efficiency in the curricular and extra-curricular activities such as –

  • Mobile Library
  • Nehru Lecture series
  • Late Dr.Kishor Shantabai Kale Foundation
  • Gandhi Adhyasan
  • Nehru Adhyasan

and expansions thereof. The college embodies the top-notch think tank lecturers, professors, associate professors and the Junior College teachers. Under the stewardship and guidance of our visionary President Mr.Parmanand Agrawal, the judicious members of the Management. The institution has been experiencing glory and splendor in the academic progress and development. The college will experience such glorious academic days in years to come.